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Do you often need to wear hearing protection? Maybe you have a passion for music,, motorcycles, are a metal metal worker, party lover, hobbyist, police officer or teacher? NOIZEZZ makes customised products for prolonged use.

Naturally, these fit perfectly in the ear, they are comfortable to wear and can be taken in and out often. Customized hearing protection requires a long moulding time, must be placed behind the second bend and made of a medium viscosity material for tight seal. This way the hearing protection ensures the best results. If the otoplastics does not fit well, this may lead to:

  • Ear pressure pain
  • Sound leakage around the hearing protector
  • Not optimal damping

For a good ear impression  you need to make an appointment with our office or go to one of our affiliated audiologists.

To make the best ear prints, certified audiologists can also complete a training course with us. For example, children and babies require a special approach.

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Formaat earpieces

Formaat is part of NOIZEZZ. We are very happy about that. It is different discipline than hearing protection equipment, but surely as important to support people with hearing loss. It is all about ‘hearing’. For 28 years Formaat has been supplying handmade premium earpieces with a very stable quality and excellent fit. We are famous for the support frames for CIs with second microphone and our precision work in making silicone baby earpieces.

Formaat is the only laboratory in the Netherlands which still makes silver plated, gold plated and steel earpieces. The product range of colored ornament pieces and jewelry for hearing aids or tubes is still being expanded. Formaat provides earpieces of hard and soft material. As standard, they are delivered unpainted, but in case of irritation they can be delivered with a regular coat of paint or a coat of paint with silver nano coating.

In consultation with your auditor you indicate what type of earpiece must be made.

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Why customized?

If you often need hearing protection equipment, you should choose customized products. The investment clearly pays off. They feel like a 'second skin'; they are measured to your ears and they last longer.

Thanks to the perfect fit, modeled to the ear, our customized products really fit like a glove. They are available in hard and soft material.

Of course, you also find our special filters in these tailor-made products. To measure them, you go to a NOIZEZZ dealer or you contact NOIZEZZ. Our Custom hearing protection are made for flying, swimming or sleeping. There are special customized products for security employees (the ‘earmolds’), for musicians or racing drivers. In addition, there are customized products with a special shooting filter, GPS can be integrated and they can be prepared for in-ear-monitoring.

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About the NOIZEZZ lab

Some history from our lab. We have been working on earpieces since 1976. And since 2009 on the best hearing protection equipment. End 2016 Laboratory Formaat and NOIZEZZ lab have joined forces in Haarlem. We still improve our products where necessary. After all our mission is; Listen with care.

NOIZEZZ and Laboratory Formaat are integrated from 1 October 2016. Eshuis Holding approached FORMAAT from the ambition to grow with NOIZEZZ to an excellently organized and well-equipped laboratory with Dutch craftsmanship. FORMAAT saw the connection and added value. Both laboratories bring years of expertise and experience to the table with their teams. NOIZEZZ in the field of hearing protection equipment, FORMAAT in the field of earpieces. Directors Petra Spigt and Haske Eshuis: “With this bundling of professional knowledge, experience and the craftsmanship of our ear technician in both disciplines, we offer the market an exceptionally high level of service. Both locally and abroad.”

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100% Dutch product
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Multiple filters

Use: Situations in which you would like more tranquility, Airplane crew, Dental practice/ veterinary
  • Damping: mild
NOIZEZZ medium
Use: Going out, Festivals, Catering staff, Sports teachers
  • Damping: medium
NOIZEZZ strong
Use: Motorbikers or cabriolet drivers, Visits to racing circuits, Sensitivity to external noise, Hobby: in and around the house
  • Damping: strong
NOIZEZZ extreme
Use: Industrial sector, Construction, Undisturbed studying and reading
  • Damping: extreme

Working of the filters

The specially developed Noizezz filters were developed in such a way that the speech intelligibility remains optimal. Your ears are protected against loud noise, but you can still talk without having to shout.

NOIZEZZ damping charts NOIZEZZ CE certificates ISO 9001:2015 certificate

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You can buy NOIZEZZ hearing protection at more than 500 points of sale (e.g. opticiens/auditors, motorbike and music stores) in the Netherlands or online. You can buy customized hearing protection equipment through opticiens/auditors or you can contact us.

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