Question 1 - What is the difference between a standard filter and a music filter?

Standard filters have nuanced damping. This means that they dampen certain frequencies more or less than others.

The music filters have flat damping. This means that they dampen virtually every frequency the same. It is as if you turned the music down with a volume button. As a result, musical nuances are perfectly audible.

Question 2 - How can I see the difference between the left and right earplugs?

Memonic: Red = Right

One of your customized earplugs has the red text or sign. This earplug is for your right ear. In your other earplug has black text or sign. This one is for in your left ear. For the universal earplugs there is no difference between left and right.

Question 3 - Can my hearing protection equipment also be used for other purposes?

Yes, this depends on how you would like to use the hearing protection equipment. For some activities it is better if use another type of filter. Filters can be purchased separately and are easy to replace by yourself.

But beware, there are two filters sizes; thin filters and wider (music) filters.

The thin filters are available in 4 different damping levels, all with a different color and they are all interchangeable

The wider (music) filters are also available in 4 different damping levels, each with their own color and are interchangeable. We also offer special shooting filters. These have the same size as the wider (music) filters and are also interchangeable with the music filter.

Question 4 - Which hearing protector should I choose?

To help you choosing, we created the product selector, which you can find on the homepage.

Question 5 - How long does NOIZEZZ hearing protection last on average?

NOIZEZZ Custom hearing protection lasts 4 years on average. After 1 year it is recommendable to test the NOIZEZZ for leaks. The ear canal changes over the time. This may lead to the hearing protection no longer offering optimal protection.

Premium and Plug&Play
With regular wear, the NOIZEZZ Premium and Plug&Play hearing protection lasts about 6 months. This also depends on the amount of ear wax in your ear. Your  ear wax affects the material. Therefore, it is very important that the earplugs are cleaned after every use.

Question 6 - How do I keep my NOIZEZZ clean?

To guarantee optimal performance of the NOIZEZZ it is recommendable to regularly clean the NOIZEZZ hearing protection.

Remove any ear wax in the NOIZEZZ opening with the ear wax pen. Clean the NOIZEZZ with the Noizezz Cleaning Set or Cleaning spray.

Premium or Plug&play
To remove ear wax, you use a soft cloth or tissue. Use lukewarm water and mild soap to clean the outside of your Noizezz. You can also clean with the Noizezz Cleaning Set or Cleaning spray.

Question 7 - Where can I buy NOIZEZZ hearing protection?

Please click here to find a store near you.

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