Custom Aqua

Most comfortable custom made earplugs for watersport.

  • Prevents ear infections and surfers ear
  • Ultimate comfort through the perfect fit
  • Specially designed for watersports
  • Invisible in the ear

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NOIZEZZ customized swimming earplugs

Are you often on or in the water? Then it is advisable to wear appropriate hearing/ear protection. Water in the ear canal can be very uncomfortable when swimming and may lead to an ear infection, 'swimmer's ear' or even a 'surfer's ear'. The ear is generally resistant to liquids and moisture, most water comes out by itself. But when there is a prolonged exposure to water, you are at risk of an infection. Because water and bacteria may stay behind the closure, infection of for example the eardrum is possible. If swelling occurs, there is pressure on the eardrum which is exceptionally painful.

The customized aqua earplugs of NOIZEZZ feel as a 'second skin'. There is no pressure on the ear during use and they feel comfortable under a bathing cap. The swimming earplugs are after all tailored to your ears and really fit like a glove. As a result, the ears close off perfectly so water cannot penetrate the ears.


  • Water sports
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• Ultimate wearing comfort • For prolonged and frequent use • Perfect fit • Produced in our own lab

  • attenuation: maximum
  • Water sport

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