Custom extreme

Custom made earplugs with maximum attenuation.

  • Ultimate comfort through the perfect fit
  • Protect your ears against hearing loss and tinnitus from loud noises in construction work
  • Conversations remain perfectly intelligible

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The NOIZEZZ Custom extreme

Would you like to protect your hearing, but still be able to follow a conversation?

These filters are specially developed for use in the industrial sector and in construction. They are also suitable for fireworks or if you would like to study without being disturbed. In addition, they preserve intelligibility.


  • Industrial sector

This customized hearing protection equipment is an effective, comfortable and safe solution for working high levels of noise. This filter is specially developed to keep speech intelligibility and warning signals intact for safety reasons.

  • Construction

Safety first! Do you want to protect your hearing over a longer period of time? It is possible with these tailored earplugs, that feel much more comfortable in your ear canal. The earplugs contain a filter that dampens the loud surrounding noise but enables conversation.

  • Fireworks

Fireworks are of course great, but the loud bangs may affect your hearing because firework bangs have a noise level up to as much as 140 dB!

  • Studying without being disturbed

Are you easily distracted? With these earplugs the focus is 100% on the subject matter



SNR= 26 dB
H= 28 dB
M= 22 dB
L= 20 dB


SNR= 22,7 dB
H= 24,8 dB
M= 19,0 dB
L= 16,2 dB

H = Attenuation for high frequencies
M = Attenuation for medium frequencies
L = Attenuation for lower frequencies
SNR = Single Number Rating

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• ultimate wearing comfort • for prolonged and frequent use • perfect fit • produced in our own lab

  • attenuation: extreme
  • Industrial sector
  • Construction
  • Fireworks
  • Studying without being disturbed

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