Custom mild

Custom made earplugs with mild attenuation.

  • Ultimate comfort through the perfect fit
  • Conversations remain perfectly intelligible
  • More tranquility in your life
  • Ideal for cabin crew or when you work as a dentist
  • Mutes noises form neighbors or traffic

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De NOIZEZZ Custom mild

Would you like to protect your hearing, but still be able to follow a conversation?

Our customized earplugs are produced in our own lab (FORMAAT lab) and therefore you will get premium quality earplugs. For prolonged and frequent use, NOIZEZZ Custom are an excellent choice. They really fit like a glove and last longer.

This hearing protection equipment has filters that are specially developed for: airplane crew, situations in which you would like more tranquility such as the nuisance of neighbors or traffic and if you work as a dentist or at a veterinarian practice. In addition, the filters always preserve speech intelligibility.


  • Situations in which you would like more tranquility

If you still want to hear a lot, but want to suppress background noise. For example in the traffic or at a fair or at the office.

  • Airplane crew

For many airlines, it applies that your hearing protection should not dampen more than 20dB. Please inform at your employer’s HR department.

  • Dental/ veterinarian practice

The sound of the drill or of animals can, if you have to deal with it all day, be very tiresome. Hearing protection equipment with mild damping is the solution for these situations.



SNR= 16 dB
H= 20 dB
M= 12 dB
L= 8 dB


SNR= 16 dB
H= 19 dB
M= 12 dB
L= 8 dB

H = Attenuation for high frequencies
M = Attenuation for medium frequencies
L = Attenuation for lower frequencies
SNR = Single Number Rating

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• Ultimate wearing comfort • For prolonged and frequent use • Perfect fit • Produced in our own lab

  • attenuation: mild
  • Situations in which you would like more tranquility
  • Cabin crew
  • Dental/ veterinarian practice

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