Custom music medium

Custom made earplugs with flat attenuation for musicians and music lovers.

  • Ultimate comfort through the perfect fit
  • Protect your ears against hearing loss and tinnitus
  • Conversations remain perfectly intelligible
  • Perfect music experience
  • Professional music filter with flat attenuation
  • Ideal for DJ’s

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The NOIZEZZ Custom Music medium

For musicians and music lovers.

Listening to music is great, too loud music can however reduce the fun. NOIZEZZ music filters leave the experience intact, but reduce the volume.

These filters are made for the ultimate music experience when listening to music and music performances. The filters give a flat damping, which means that all frequencies are dampened, but speech intelligibility remains intact.


  • DJs
  • Musicians - string instruments


SNR= 16,1 dB
H= 15,9 dB
M= 13,2 dB
L= 12,4 dB

H = Attenuation for high frequencies
M = Attenuation for medium frequencies
L = Attenuation for lower frequencies
SNR = Single Number Rating

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• Durable: for prolonged and frequent use • comfortable thanks to their perfect fit • production in own laboratory • interchangeable filters • hard and soft • flat attenuation

  • attenuation: medium
  • DJ's
  • Musicians - string instruments

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