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Premium Shoot

Comfortable earplugs with impulsefilter for hunting and shooting. Including 4 sizes in the packaging.

  • Prevent hearing loss and ringing in the ear.
  • Very comfortable because of the unique ergonomic shape
  • Conversations remain perfectly intelligible
  • Invisible in the ear
  • Impuls filter


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The NOIZEZZ Premium shoot

Our earplugs with the unique ‘bend’. They follow the curvature of your ear canal for an even better fit.

This hearing protection has a special filter that protects during shootings or loud bangs as for example fireworks.

The filter has two positions; an impulse mode and a full block mode. With a small lid on the filter you can determine how you would like to use your filter. The impulse mode dampens hard loud impulse sounds such as bangs. The full block mode dampens all noise around you. You can easily exchange the shooting filters yourself with music filters, (you can order them separately) so you can also use the earplugs at a concert or when playing an instrument yourself.

You will experience great wearing comfort due to the fantastic ergonomic shape of the earplugs.


  • Shootings

Do you work in the defense industry as a police officer, or do you practice shooting sports as a hobby? These earplugs protect your ears against the bangs.

  • Bangs of for example fireworks

Also the bangs of fireworks are dampened by this filter.



SNR= 13 dB
H= 16 dB
M= 10 dB
L= 5 dB

bang volume 130 dB > Peak attenuation 20,6 dB
bangs volume 150 dB > Peak attenuation 24,9 dB
bangs volume 166 dB > Peak attenuation 29,0 dB


SNR= 20 dB
H= 18 dB
M= 18 dB
L= 18 dB

H = Attenuation for high frequencies
M = Attenuation for medium frequencies
L = Attenuation for lower frequencies
SNR = Single Number Rating

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• Incl. 4 sizes • Filters can be exchanged for music filters • Do not protrude • Perfect fit • Reusable

  • attenuation in 2 positions: impulse filter and full block filter
  • Shootings
  • Bangs of for example fireworks
  • hunters
  • fans of hunting sports

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