Premium sleep

Most comfortable universal sleeping earplugs. At home or during your travel. Includes 4 sizes in the packaging.

  • Mutes environmental noisess and snoring sounds
  • Very comfortable because of the unique ergonomic shape
  • Ideal during the holiday in a hotel or campground
  • Alarm clock remains audible
  • Also comfortable for side sleepers
  • Invisible in the ear


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De NOIZEZZ Premium sleep

NOIZEZZ sleep earplugs, if you would like to sleep quietly

Do you have a snoring partner? It is great to be able to hear, but sometimes you wish you wouldn’t hear everything. If you try to sleep, for example, and your partner is snoring. Or the neighbors decide to throw a party. NOIZEZZ makes special hearing protection equipment, including the sleep earplugs, that ensure that you only hear what you want to hear The NOIZEZZ sleeping earplugs follow the curvature of your ear canal for an even better fit.


  • Good night’s sleep
  • Snoring partner
  • Sleeping in a hotel or at a camping site


SNR= 21 dB
H= 20 dB
M= 21 dB
L= 21 dB

H = Attenuation for high frequencies
M = Attenuation for medium frequencies
L = Attenuation for lower frequencies
SNR = Single Number Rating

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• Incl. 4 sizes • Do not protrude • Perfect fit • Reusable

  • attenuation: maximum
  • •Good night’s sleep
  • Snoring partner
  • Sleeping in a hotel or at a camping site

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