Shooting Sports Earplugs

Hearing protection with additional attenuation and full-block mode

Shooting sports earplugs are essential for any shooter who shoots regularly. Hearing can be permanently damaged by the loud sound of gunshots. Good earplugs can prevent this while providing a comfortable fit. Invest in high-quality shooting sports earplugs to protect your hearing and enjoy your shooting sports.

NOIZEZZ® Shoot, additional cushioning with full-block mode

NOIZEZZ’s special shooting sports earplugs feature two different settings; open and full-block. This means you can adjust the attenuation without removing your earplugs. Extremely handy for shooting sports, for example, where you want to be able to quickly switch between more and less attenuation.

Recommended retail price from € 171.00

Custom schietsport oordopjes

Why shooting sports earplugs with different settings?

There are situations where you quickly want more or less damping. This is common in shooting sports, for example. When not shooting or when you want to communicate, the filter is “open. In this position, some form of attenuation is still present. When you know more attenuation is needed, you set the filter to full-block.

In this position, the filter is closed and provides maximum attenuation. To perform this operation, you do not need to take the earplugs out. Although the demand once arose on the shooting range, this feature is also used in pyrotechnics and around the turn of the year; NOIZEZZ® has a suitable solution for every demand in the form of our custom-made shooting sports earplugs. Note: When shooting large calibers or using large explosives, it is recommended at all times to also wear ear muffs.

What are the options?


From completely transparent to red and from glow-in-the-dark to two-color blended. The choice is yours. Download our color chart here.

Neck lanyard

Applying a neck cord ties the earplugs together. With Shoot earplugs, only a thin silicone neck cord is available.

How does fitting work?

How do you “measure” an ear is a common question. We are happy to explain how it works.

Using an otoscope, we look inside your ear to see the ear canal and eardrum. We check that there are no abnormalities and that the ear canal is free of cerumen (earwax). It is important that there is no hard or excess cerumen in the ear canal, otherwise we cannot make an impression responsibly.

Using a light pen, we insert a cotton ball into the ear until after the second bend in the ear canal. This cotton wool protects the eardrum when making the impression.

Next, we fill the ear with impression material. This material hardens within a few minutes and is then removed from the ear. This creates a “copy” of the ear canal and we know exactly what your ear looks like. We then use this impression in our laboratory in Hoofddorp to manufacture your personal earplugs.

What customers say about NOIZEZZ® shooting sports earplugs

Much more comfortable to wear than ear muffs. NOIZEZZ protects my staff and myself from construction site noise, even in dangerous situations.

NOIZEZZ’s customization really complements my work. Fit is very comfortable and I can wear it all day under my helmet.

Called NOIZEZZ for a quote to provide hearing protection for the workshop (…) Had it measured on site within a week and delivered within two weeks; great!