Closed Earmolds

for the right hearing solution

NOIZEZZ® Closed Earmolds

All NOIZEZZ Closed Earmolds are manufactured in our custom laboratory in Hoofddorp by our specialists. With great knowledge, skill and passion we produce unique products every day. With this we support audiologists, audiologists and ENT doctors to provide the best care. To tailor our customization to each unique situation, we offer numerous combinations of earpiece types, materials and processing. One of these types is the Closed Earmold.

Why Closed Earmolds?

Every ear is unique and everyone experiences sound differently. We use our ears intensively every day and they are a valuable part of our senses. This makes hearing care very personal. Of course, this applies not only to the wearer of the earmold, but also to the audiologist or hearing care professional. This is why NOIZEZZ makes Closed earmolds in its laboratory in Hoofddorp. The Closed earmold is a traditional earmold that can be made with many different materials and treatments.

This type of earpiece is especially known for its good hold in the auricle. The large selection of materials and treatments also makes this earpiece popular for more complex and severe hearing losses. Whether hard or soft materials; NOIZEZZ® has a suitable solution for every need. Fully customized and with fit guarantee. Our audiologists, account managers and the specialists in our own custom laboratory will be happy to help you find the best solution.

What are the options?


The modeling of this
earpiece can be done in our
laboratory both
by hand or digitally.


Our earpieces
can be made
from different materials:
Acrylic, Cold Bio and Warm
Bio are available as bases.


Depending on the chosen
base material, there are
different colors available:
Download our color chart here


To achieve the best results
achieve, it may be desirable
It may be desirable to apply a vent
vent. We make vents from
from 0.6mm.


This earpiece can be
fitted with an Iros Canal
or a Thermoflex Channel.


To this earpiece we can make an
handle. This makes
the earpiece easier
to handle.

Decorative elements

There are
different types
decorative elements available
to make it even more special
special: Download here
our color chart.


Several finishes are available for this earpiece: unpainted, glass varnish, silicone varnish and nano varnish.

How do we make a Closed Earmold?

We make all Closed Earmolds in our laboratory in Hoofddorp! We offer here large number of earpiece types, materials, colors, decorative elements and other processing and additions where unique combinations are always created.

All ear pieces are made based on an impression of the ear. This can be provided digitally or physically. We check that the impression meets our quality requirements before we process it. We also always check the order, and where necessary coordinate with the party ordering the closed earmold. For this, we not only have product specialists in-house, but also our own audiologists and audiologists in order to always arrive at the best solution.

Once the impression and the order have been approved, our production process begins. Based on the order, we determine exactly what this process looks like. For example, we can model a product by hand. For this we need a physical print with which we can make a mold from plaster. Modeling can of course also be done digitally. We do this by means of a digital file that we edit and produce with in our 3D laboratory. After a series of production steps, a unique process results in a final product. After quality control, the production process is completed and the custom product is ready to be shipped!