NOIZEZZ® Laboratory

Knowledge, skill and craft under one roof.

Every ear is unique

Every ear is unique. That is why NOIZEZZ makes custom-made solutions for everyone who wears something in the ear for a long time and/or frequently. Whether it is earmolds, hearing protectors or specials: NOIZEZZ believes that customization is always the best solution. A fit tailored just for you distributes pressure evenly across your ear canal and possibly the auricle, making it less likely to irritate or hurt. The uniform material is easy to keep clean, and its high tensile strength makes it very durable.

Our NOIZEZZ laboratory

NOIZEZZ’s head office is located in Hoofddorp. Here you will also find the laboratory where all our custom work is manufactured. In this in-house laboratory we have been working on earmolds since 1976. Since 2009 we also produce our custom-made hearing protection here. With in-house knowledge, expertise and craftsmanship, we are close to our products and the production process. Thus, many new products and processes have emerged over the years that we have been able to integrate. The entire operation is subject to our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system. This underlines that all our processes are carried out with the utmost care.


All custom earmolds, hearing protectors and specials come from the same laboratory. The versatile product portfolio ensures that we have a lot of in-house knowledge and processes, which we actively exchange among ourselves.

Our customization is based on a physical or digital representation of the ear, the so-called ear impression. A good impression is the basis for precise customization. We use the ear impression to manufacture the fit of the requested product. NOIZEZZ employs qualified personnel in Hoofddorp and other locations throughout the Benelux to make these prints. For example, we also support audiologists, PPE dealers and motorcycle stores in making ear impressions.

Once the impression and the order have been approved, the production process begins. Based on the order, the specialists determine exactly what this process will look like. For example, we can model a product by hand. For this we need a physical print with which we make a mold of plaster. Modeling can also be done digitally. In that case, we prepare the impression for production in a digital environment with one of our 3D printers.
After a series of production steps, a new and unique process is created each time, ultimately resulting in the final product.