Festival Earplugs

Hearing protection for festival lovers and partygoers

Planning to attend a festival, concert, or party where the music is loud? Ensure you’re prepared with the right hearing protection. Our special festival earplugs let you enjoy the event carefree, without worrying about an annoying ringing in your ears or damaging your hearing.

Choose from our range of universal festival earplugs or opt for a tailored, custom solution to suit your needs.

Universal Festival Earplugs

Enjoy festivals to the fullest without the buzz in your ears with our festival earplugs.

With NOIZEZZ’s specialized festival earplugs, you can head home from even the most electrifying events without the annoyance of squeaky and buzzing ears. Our filters provide superior hearing protection at vibrant summer festivals, bustling party tents, and deep techno basements. Our Performance Filters specifically attenuate harmful frequencies while ensuring you can still engage in conversations clearly and comfortably.

Choose NOIZEZZ and enjoy the music while safeguarding your hearing, ensuring that your festival experiences are memorable for all the right reasons.

Recommended retail price from €124,-

Why would you use earplugs at parties and festivals?

Do you ever notice a ringing in your ears after attending a party, concert, or club? This is a sign that your hearing has been significantly stressed. Noise levels above 80 dB can cause permanent hearing damage, and a typical party often exceeds this threshold. That’s why it’s crucial to wear proper hearing protection.

NOIZEZZ offers specialized festival earplugs designed to let you fully enjoy your favorite events without risking your hearing. Whether you’re up front at concerts, dancing near the biggest stages at festivals, or out late when everyone else is just waking up, NOIZEZZ® has the ideal hearing protector for you. Are you a musician or seeking specialized earplugs for music? We’ve got you covered with the best solutions.

Not sure which filter is right for you? Browse our selection of filters or contact us for personalized assistance.

What are the options?


Prefer discreet protection or like to show that you protect your hearing well? Choose from a wide range of cool colors from fluorescent yellow to glow-in-the-dark: Download our color chart here.


A small grip can be attached to the earplugs. This is useful for inserting or removing the earplugs, and you can also attach a neck cord to it.


By attaching a neck cord, you tie the earplugs together. This way, you are less likely to lose them and can conveniently leave them hanging around your neck.

The process of measuring ears for custom earplugs

We often get asked how we ‘measure’ an ear. Let me explain the process we use.

Firstly, we employ an otoscope to examine the inside of your ear. This allows us to clearly view the ear canal and the eardrum, ensuring there are no abnormalities, such as hard or excessive earwax (cerumen). It’s crucial that the ear canal is clean, as any obstruction would prevent us from taking an accurate impression.

Next, using a light pen, we gently insert a cotton ball into the ear canal. This placement protects your eardrum during the impression process.

We then fill the ear canal with a special impression material. This material sets within a few minutes and is subsequently removed, creating an exact ‘copy’ of your ear canal. We use this impression to custom-make your personal earplugs in our laboratory in Hoofddorp.

What customers say about NOIZEZZ® Festival Earplugs

Since I have been using earplugs, I come home without ringing ears!

Nice and small and fall well in your ear. Can have very good conversations with my earplugs in!