Using Earplugs for Swimming? Yes!

Are you often found on or in the water? Do you wear tubes or have a sensitive eardrum? Then it is advisable to wear earplugs for swimming.

NOIZEZZ and Jaap van Zweden collaborate in an awareness campaign highlighting the importance of hearing protection.

Hoofddorp, March 2, 2022 – NOIZEZZ, the manufacturer of earmolds, hearing protection, and specialized products based in Hoofddorp, launches a new awareness campaign today centered around hearing protection. The campaign is supported by Jaap van Zweden. As a musician, conductor, and artistic director, Van Zweden understands the importance of sound quality and hearing protection. The […]

KNMV and NOIZEZZ join forces in the fight against hearing damage.

Papendal, March 18, 2022 – The Royal Dutch Motorcyclists Association (KNMV) and NOIZEZZ, manufacturer of earmolds, hearing protection, and specials based in Hoofddorp, are joining hands to raise awareness among motorcyclists about the importance and benefits of hearing protection while riding motorcycles.   As an advocate for high-quality hearing protection, NOIZEZZ, and as the representative […]

NOIZEZZ collaborates with the music industry to prevent hearing damage among music enthusiasts.

Music is experienced through your ears, so it’s logical that you value them, right? It seems logical indeed, yet in the day-to-day practice of music retailer keymusic, with over thirty stores in the Benelux, they often encounter music lovers who have crossed the limits. Fortunateley, in many cases, it results in temporary noise or ringing […]

Dutchweek and NOIZEZZ have partnered to inform and provide festival attendees with hearing protection.

Dutchweek takes hearing care seriously, and NOIZEZZ is eager to meet these ambitions. As organizers of music events, Dutchweek understands the importance of raising awareness about the significance of hearing protection. NOIZEZZ will supply our new EarBeanz for all Dutchweek events, making hearing protection accessible while maintaining optimal speech intelligibility and maximizing the music experience. […]

NOIZEZZ and Circuit Zandvoort Forge Partnership

Hoofddorp, December 22, 2022 – NOIZEZZ, the manufacturer of hearing protectors, earmolds, and specialized products from Hoofddorp, and Circuit Zandvoort are entered a partnership to promote customized solutions for drivers on the circuit. By providing tailored sound filtering, we are collectively working to ensure a superior circuit experience, with a focus on protecting the […]

NOIZEZZ and SINNER together at the MOTORbeurs 2023 in Utrecht