Using Earplugs for Swimming? Yes!

Oordopjes voor zwemmen

The ear is generally resistant to liquids and moisture. Most of the water that enters the ear will naturally come out on its own. However, it is common for ear pain to occur after swimming. This can happen immediately after swimming or even several hours to days later. In cases of immediate pain, it is usually caused by water in the ear creating increased pressure or blockage. This can be quite painful. In a healthy ear, water does not pass beyond the eardrum but can linger for a short while. However, the pain should quickly disappear once the water has drained out of the ear. If the pain persists for a longer period, there is a good chance of an ear canal infection, also known as “swimmer’s ear.” By using swim earplugs, you can prevent (contaminated) water from entering the ear, significantly reducing the risk of ear pain or infection.

What is Swimmer’s Ear?

“Swimmer’s ear” refers to a form of ear canal infection. This inflammation of the outer ear usually occurs when water and bacteria remain in the ear canal. The disease-causing microorganisms left behind are responsible for the symptoms and characteristic signs of an ear canal infection: itching, pain, and a discharge.


Children and individuals who frequently enjoy water-related activities, such as swimming, are particularly vulnerable. The ear canal contains earwax, which has a specific acidity level that protects the ear against external bacteria. If there is insufficient earwax or if the acidity is disrupted due to activities like frequent swimming or exposure to chlorine, bacteria can find a favorable environment to thrive.

Using Swim Earplugs for Sensitive Eardrums or Ear Tubes

Adults and children with ear tubes or perforated eardrums often experience pain while swimming due to water entering the ear. By using swim earplugs, you can continue to enjoy the pool or the sea without experiencing subsequent ear pain or discharge. NOIZEZZ waterproof swim earplugs provide a hermetic seal of the ear canal, preventing moisture from entering the ear. This allows you to immerse yourself confidently and safely in the water.

Swim Earplugs for Children

Heeft je kind regelmatig oorpijn na het zwemmen? Dit komt bij veel kinderen voor. Het is warm en vochtig in de gehoorgang na het zwemmen, kortom de ideale omgeving voor bacteriën en ontstekingen. Kinderen zijn hier bovendien nog eens extra gevoelig voor. Omdat oordopjes de druk op de oren verminderen tijdens het zwemmen en water uit de oren weren, hebben veel kinderen baat bij zwemoordopjes. De NOIZEZZ Premium Aqua (het kleinste maatje in de verpakking) is geschikt voor kinderen vanaf 8 jaar.

zwemoordoppen aanmeten

Custom-Fitted Swim Earplugs

When you have sensitive ear canals or spend a lot of time in or around water, comfortable swim earplugs are essential. NOIZEZZ custom-fitted swim earplugs feel like a second skin and provide a perfect seal, preventing water from entering the ear. These swim earplugs are specifically tailored to fit your ears perfectly. They exert no pressure on the ear during use and feel comfortable even under a swimming cap. You also don’t have to worry about losing the custom-fitted swim earplugs in the water as they can be made from buoyant materials.

When to Get Custom-Fitted Swim Earplugs?

  • When you frequently engage in water-related activities (regular use)
  • If you have ear tubes in place
  • In case of a perforated eardrum
  • If you are prone to ear canal infections
  • For abnormal ear canal shapes
  • In the presence of a radical cavity

Reusable Waterproof Swim Earplugs

If custom-fitted swim earplugs are not an option but you still want to enjoy the water without worries occasionally, there’s no problem! The NOIZEZZ Premium Aqua offers a comfortable and reusable interim solution. It is perfect for occasional use, whether on vacation or for a day at the beach. Worried about losing them during a swimming session? Not necessary! These swim earplugs are made of buoyant material, making them convenient to use.