Overstimulation hearing protection

In cases of overstimulation and high sensitivity

NOIZEZZ® Overstimulation

Also available as a Universal earplug.

Tune your environment to your senses

Tired after a high-pressure day? Lack of concentration? Sensitive to noise? It could very well be that you are highly sensitive or sensitive to overstimulation. NOIZEZZ makes special earplugs with the unique PF filter that attenuates mainly high frequencies and takes the ‘sharp edge’ off the ambient noise. These filters are available in four different levels and are interchangeable. This means that the earplugs can always be adjusted to your personal situation.

Recommended retail price from € 119.50

Why hearing protection when overstimulated?

Those who suffer from overstimulation are sensitive to different types of sensory perceptions. It then takes you more effort to process these impulses with fatigue and lack of concentration being common results. It is not always easy to find a balance between protecting yourself and remaining part of the environment.

NOIZEZZ makes earplugs especially for people who are sensitive to overstimulation, earplugs that make sure you experience the environment less intensely, without having to shut yourself off completely. Whether it is a work environment with a lot of background noise, working or learning in noisy classrooms or counteracting constant stimuli; NOIZEZZ® has a suitable solution for every question. Our audiologists, account managers and the specialists in our own custom laboratory are happy to help you get the most pleasant experience.

What are the options?


Our earplugs can be made of soft silicone or hard acrylic. All of our materials are easy to clean and lie so well in the ear that you hardly feel them.


Prefer discreet protection or like to show off your hearing? Choose from a wide range of colors. Download our color chart here.


An “handle” can be attached to the earplugs against overstimulation. This is useful while inserting or removing the earplugs, and you can attach a neck cord to it.

Neck lanyard

By attaching a neck cord, you tie the earplugs together. This way, you are less likely to lose them and can conveniently leave them hanging around your neck.

How does fitting earplugs to combat overstimulation work?

How do you “measure” an ear is a common question. We are happy to explain how it works.

Using an otoscope, we look inside your ear to see the ear canal and eardrum. We check that there are no abnormalities and that the ear canal is free of cerumen (earwax). It is important that there is no hard or excess cerumen in the ear canal, otherwise we cannot make an impression responsibly.
Using a light pen, we insert a cotton ball into the ear until after the second bend in the ear canal. This cotton wool protects the eardrum when making the impression.

Then we fill the ear with impression material. This material hardens within a few minutes and is then removed from the ear. This creates a “copy” of the ear canal and we know exactly what your ear looks like. We then use this impression in our laboratory in Hoofddorp to manufacture your personal earplugs.

What customers say about NOIZEZZ® overstimulation

De vrijwel onzichtbare gehoorbescherming is voor mij een mooie en bruikbare oplossing. De eerste keer dat ik ze droeg tijdens een wandeling met de hond was een verademing. De wind veroorzaakte geen overprikkeling meer en toen iemand mij aansprak was dat prima te verstaan!

De oordopjes vlakken de scherpe kantjes van het geluid
af. Ik draag ze thuis, op het werk, bij de voetbalclub en
in het café. Ik kan langer op plekken blijven als het druk is
en ben ‘s avonds minder moe. De dopjes zijn erg prettig
om te dragen!

Met oordopjes kunnen we samen boodschappen doen. Mijn dochter kan het geluid veel beter verdragen. Voor het eerst in mijn leven het haar van mijn dochter kunnen föhnen.