Our Customization

for the right hearing solution

Why Customization

At NOIZEZZ we believe that our customization is the most complete solution for everyone, whatever the product. In our laboratory in Hoofddorp we make all our custom-made products ourselves, so we have all the knowledge and craftsmanship in-house. Once we have an ear impression and know exactly what your ear looks like, we can manufacture all products ourselves for you. With every custom order, this allows us to find the balance between the best performance (good speech intelligibility and/or attenuation) and wearing comfort (preferably cosmetic and as small as possible), where:

► No pressure points are created and the product sits comfortably in the ear;
► The chance of irritation of the ear canal is as small as possible;
► The chance of losing the product is as small as possible because it has more “grip.
► The product is easy to clean due to the uniform material;
► The product can be tailored precisely to the person and the usage situation;
► The best fitting solution is always created.