Communication Ears

Custom-made earphones with sound system.

Developed and approved by professional professionals.

NOIZEZZ’s custom communication earplugs originated from professional auto racing. These are earplugs with speakers that sit comfortably under the helmet and can withstand cockpit conditions. With the 3.5mm jack connection, these communication earphones can be connected to many communication systems.

Recommended retail price from €275,-

communicatie oortjes

Why custom communication earphones?

In the world of car and motorcycle racing, people are always looking for boundaries. This is why NOIZEZZ has developed, together with its customers, special communication earphones tailored to their needs. NOIZZ Active Com can be connected with the 3.5mm jack connection to, for example, a navigation system, beltpack or walkie-talkie. Crystal clear sound and a high output ensure that speech from your system remains clearly intelligible.

The earplugs do not stick out of the ear and can be worn comfortably under a helmet. Based on a physical ear impression, we create a personalized fit from high tensile strength silicone. This makes the product not only very comfortable, but also particularly robust. Our audiologists, account managers and the specialists in our in-house custom laboratory will be happy to help you get the best custom products.

How does the fitting of communication earphones work?

How do you “measure” an ear is a common question. We are happy to explain how it works.

Using an otoscope, we look inside your ear to see the ear canal and eardrum. We check that there are no abnormalities and that the ear canal is free of cerumen (earwax). It is important that there is no hard or excess cerumen in the ear canal, otherwise we cannot make an impression responsibly.

Using a light pen, we insert a cotton ball into the ear until after the second bend in the ear canal. This cotton wool protects the eardrum when making the impression.

Then we fill the ear with impression material. This material hardens within a few minutes and is then removed from the ear. This creates a “copy” of the ear canal and we know exactly what your ear looks like. We then use this impression in our laboratory in Hoofddorp to manufacture your personal communication earphones.

What customers say about NOIZEZZ® Active Com

‘Echt een aanvulling op mijn werk. (…) ik kan het de hele dag onder mijn helm dragen. Ook boven de 100km/u kan ik mijn systeem goed verstaan’