Overstimulation earplugs

In cases of overstimulation and high sensitivity

NOIZEZZ provides specialized earplugs designed for individuals who experience overstimulation, including those with autism, highly sensitive persons (HSP), and anyone who finds loud environments challenging. Our earplugs help reduce the intensity of your surroundings without isolating you from them, making them ideal for workspaces with persistent background noise, bustling classrooms, and other constantly stimulating environments.

Universal Overstimulation Earplugs

Tune your environment to your senses with our overstimulation earplugs

Feeling tired after a day filled with high pressure? Struggling with concentration? If you’re particularly sensitive to noise, you might be experiencing overstimulation. NOIZEZZ has created a specialized solution for this: our overstimulation earplugs equipped with the unique Performance Filters. This advanced filter primarily attenuates high frequencies, effectively softening the ‘sharp edge’ of ambient noise, making your environment more manageable.

Our filters come in four different levels of attenuation and are interchangeable, allowing you to customize the earplugs according to your specific needs. Whether you’re in a busy workplace, a loud public space, or simply needing a quieter environment at home, NOIZEZZ overstimulation earplugs can be precisely adjusted to help you maintain focus and comfort throughout your day.

Recommended retail price from €124,-

Why would you use earplugs when you’re overstimulated?

If you are prone to overstimulation, you might find it challenging to process various sensory inputs, which can lead to fatigue and a decrease in concentration. Striking the right balance between protecting yourself from overstimulation and staying engaged with your surroundings is crucial.

At NOIZEZZ, we understand these challenges. That’s why we’ve developed specialized earplugs designed specifically for those sensitive to overstimulation. Our earplugs allow you to experience your environment in a less intense way without completely isolating you from it. Whether you’re in a noisy office, a bustling classroom, or other environments with constant stimuli, NOIZEZZ® provides a solution tailored to each situation.

Our team of experts and specialists in our in-house custom laboratory are committed to helping you find the most comfortable and effective protection for your needs.

What are the options?


Our earplugs can be made of soft silicone or hard acrylic. All of our materials are easy to clean and have a great comfort.


Do you prefer discreet protection or do you like to show off your hearing protection? Choose from a wide range of colors. Download our color chart here.


A small grip can be attached to the earplugs. This is useful for inserting or removing the earplugs, and you can also attach a neck cord to it.

Neck lanyard

By attaching a neck cord, you tie the earplugs together. This way, you are less likely to lose them and can conveniently leave them hanging around your neck.

The process of measuring ears for custom earplugs

We often get asked how we ‘measure’ an ear. Let me explain the process we use.

Firstly, we employ an otoscope to examine the inside of your ear. This allows us to clearly view the ear canal and the eardrum, ensuring there are no abnormalities, such as hard or excessive earwax (cerumen). It’s crucial that the ear canal is clean, as any obstruction would prevent us from taking an accurate impression.

Next, using a light pen, we gently insert a cotton ball into the ear canal. This placement protects your eardrum during the impression process.

We then fill the ear canal with a special impression material. This material sets within a few minutes and is subsequently removed, creating an exact ‘copy’ of your ear canal. We use this impression to custom-make your personal earplugs in our laboratory in Hoofddorp.

What customers say about NOIZEZZ® Overstimulation earplugs

The virtually invisible hearing protection is a nice and useful solution for me. The first time I wore them on a walk with the dog was a relief. The wind no longer caused overstimulation and when someone spoke to me it was perfectly intelligible!

The earplugs smooth the sharp edges of the sound
off. I wear them at home, at work, at the soccer club and
at the café. I can stay longer in places when it is busy
and am less tired in the evening. The earplugs are very comfortable
to wear!

With earplugs, we can go shopping together. My daughter can tolerate the noise much better. Being able to blow dry my daughter’s hair for the first time in my life.