CUSTOM Sleeves

For universal earphones

NOIZEZZ® Sleeves, never again drop out of earphones

NOIZZ Sleeves is the custom product for your favorite earphones. By using custom-made sleeves your earphones will sit perfectly in your ear canal, preventing them from falling out during e.g. sports. The fit is specially tailored to your ear so there are no pressure points and you will not suffer from a painful ear canal. The uniform material also makes them easy to clean. With NOIZEZZ Sleeves you can enjoy the benefits of customization on your favorite earphones.

Recommended retail price from €103,- per set

Why customization on universal earphones?

For many people, earphones have become an integral part of everyday life. We take them with us when exercising to listen to music, use them at work for communication and everywhere to make phone calls. We often use the earphones for long continuous periods and move around a lot while using them. The universal fit that earphones come with are not always optimal for your personal use.

That’s why we make NOIZEZZ Sleeves that let you enjoy the benefits of customization on your favorite earphones. Whether it’s universal in-ear monitors for the stage, earphones during sports or communication in the workplace; NOIZEZZ® has a suitable solution for every situation. Our audiologists, account managers and the specialists in our own custom laboratory are happy to help you get the best experience.

What are the options?

The technology around earphones is moving fast which is why we get many different requests for Sleeves. Here you can see which brands and models we have already supplied with Sleeves. We are not limited to these brands and models, we can make sleeves for (almost) all earphones.

Airpods Classic

Airpods Pro


Proflight 2

Quietcontrol 30

Fidelio T1

Talk 55

Elite 55t

Tune 220TWS





How does the fitting of Sleeves work?

How do you “measure” an ear is a common question. We are happy to explain how it works.

Using an otoscope, we look inside your ear to see the ear canal and eardrum. We check that there are no abnormalities and that the ear canal is free of cerumen (earwax). It is important that there is no hard or excess cerumen in the ear canal, otherwise we cannot make an impression responsibly.

Using a light pen, we insert a cotton ball into the ear until after the second bend in the ear canal. This cotton wool protects the eardrum when making the impression.

Then we fill the ear with impression material. This material hardens within a few minutes and is then removed from the ear. This creates a “copy” of the ear canal and we know exactly what your ear looks like. We then use this impression in our laboratory in Hoofddorp to manufacture your personal earplugs.

Known references about NOIZEZZ® Sleeves

I have been using earplugs for over 10 years, even before I was active as a DJ at all. From moment 1, I thought it was very important to be economical with your ears. I can’t live without them now, and since using NOIZEZZ earplugs, the experience has only gotten better. I enjoy pristine sound and optimal protection for my ears. I don’t need any more.

‘If you love your ears you need to hear with NOIZEZZ!’

Since last festival season, I have been using the NOIZEZZ Custom earplugs. What an eye opener. I have tried different types of ear protection, but for the first time I have found earplugs with which I had a positive experience. Before, the earplugs left me mostly absent and not completely enjoying the music. Since I have been using NOIZEZZ earplugs, this has completely disappeared. I still enjoy and protect my ears during and after my performances!