Sleep Earplugs

For an undisturbed night’s sleep

NOIZEZZ’s sleep earplugs ensure that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep in all circumstances. Whether it is a snoring partner, a busy neighborhood or night shifts, NOIZEZZ offers a suitable solution for every situation. Our specialists are happy to help you get the best night’s sleep.

Take a look at our universal solutions or go for custom earplugs.

Wake up rested with our custom sleep earplugs

NOIZEZZ’s special sleep earplugs bring peace to your sleeping environment so you wake up rested. These earplugs suppress (background) noise, allowing you to better enjoy your sleep. Specifically for sleeping, these sleep earplugs are designed to put as little pressure on the skin as possible. Are you a side sleeper? Then there is the mini version especially for you.

Recommended retail price from €112,-

Why would you use earplugs for sleeping?

A good day begins with a restful night’s sleep. However, ambient noise—from a snoring partner to busy street traffic—can make it challenging to fall and stay asleep, especially for light sleepers.

That’s where NOIZEZZ comes in. Our specialized sleep earplugs are designed to help you enjoy uninterrupted sleep under any circumstances. Whether it’s the noise of a bustling vacation spot, the challenge of sleeping during the day due to night shifts, or simply sharing a bed with a restless partner, NOIZEZZ® offers tailored solutions for your specific needs.

Our team of experts and specialists are committed to ensuring you achieve the best night’s sleep possible.

What are the options?


Our sleep earplugs are made of soft silicone. All our materials are easy to clean and lie so well in the ear that you almost don’t feel them.


Personalize your sleeping earplugs and choose from the wide range of colors. Download our color chart here.


The sleep plugs are also available in a mini version. These earplugs are smaller and sit deeper in the ear making them well suited for side sleepers.

The process of measuring ears for custom earplugs

We often get asked how we ‘measure’ an ear. Let me explain the process we use.

Firstly, we employ an otoscope to examine the inside of your ear. This allows us to clearly view the ear canal and the eardrum, ensuring there are no abnormalities, such as hard or excessive earwax (cerumen). It’s crucial that the ear canal is clean, as any obstruction would prevent us from taking an accurate impression.

Next, using a light pen, we gently insert a cotton ball into the ear canal. This placement protects your eardrum during the impression process.

We then fill the ear canal with a special impression material. This material sets within a few minutes and is subsequently removed, creating an exact ‘copy’ of your ear canal. We use this impression to custom-make your personal earplugs in our laboratory in Hoofddorp.