Earplugs For Swimming

Earplugs for swimming without water in your ear

Every swimmer is familiar with the unpleasant sensation of water in the ears. A dip in polluted water can lead to a painful ear infection. We have designed swim earplugs especially for swimmers. Explore our universal Swim earplugs below or go for a custom solution.

Delight in the water with water-resistant swim earplugs.

NOIZEZZ’s specialized swimming earplugs are designed to effectively seal your ears from unwanted water entry, ensuring your ear canals stay dry while you swim, shower, or engage in water sports. These earplugs are so comfortable that you’ll barely feel them, and they’re durable enough for long-term use. We can make these earplugs from a floating material. Enjoy your time in the water with complete peace of mind.

Recommended retail price from €112,-

Why should you use earplugs while swimming?

Experiencing ear pain while swimming can be extremely bothersome. This discomfort often occurs when water in the ear increases pressure or causes a blockage. Normally, water can’t get past the eardrum, but it can linger in the ear canal, creating an uncomfortable sensation.

For those prone to ear infections or with tubes in their eardrums, keeping water out is even more crucial. NOIZEZZ offers specialized swim earplugs designed to keep your ear canal completely dry, whether you’re protecting sensitive ears during a shower, preventing swimmer’s ear, or safeguarding an eardrum with tubes.

Our team of audiologists, account managers, and specialists in our custom laboratory are dedicated to helping you find the best solution for your needs. Please note that while our swim earplugs effectively seal the ear, they are not suitable for diving.

What are the options?


You have the option to choose between floating or non-floating swim earplugs. Pick the style that best suits your needs!


There are different available colors for the two types of silicone. Download our color chart here.

The process of measuring ears for custom earplugs

We often get asked how we ‘measure’ an ear. Let me explain the process we use.

Firstly, we employ an otoscope to examine the inside of your ear. This allows us to clearly view the ear canal and the eardrum, ensuring there are no abnormalities, such as hard or excessive earwax (cerumen). It’s crucial that the ear canal is clean, as any obstruction would prevent us from taking an accurate impression.

Next, using a light pen, we gently insert a cotton ball into the ear canal. This placement protects your eardrum during the impression process.

We then fill the ear canal with a special impression material. This material sets within a few minutes and is subsequently removed, creating an exact ‘copy’ of your ear canal. We use this impression to custom-make your personal earplugs in our laboratory in Hoofddorp.