The history of NOIZEZZ

NOIZEZZ stems from Multi Care Systems; since 1976 the specialist of choice in developing aids for deaf and hearing-impaired.

In 2009, we started with the development of NOIZEZZ hearing protection equipment. The principle was to protect hearing without losing speech intelligibility. Now NOIZEZZ offers three lines of hearing protection: Plug&Play, Premium and Custom. Plug&Play is a protection that can be used at any time. The Premium line has 8 different filters, each with its own strength. This way you can choose the filter that fits your situation best. Specially for prolonged use, NOIZEZZ makes suitable customized products. Of course, all protectors for the dampen harmful noise.

NOIZEZZ at work. Take a look inside the company.

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NOIZEZZ has its own Lab

We have been working on earpieces in our own laboratory since 1976. Since 2009 we have been working on the best hearing protection equipment. NOIZEZZ and Laboratory Formaat have been integrated in 2016.

NOIZEZZ makes suitable customized products specifically for prolonged use. They fit perfectly in the ear, they are comfortable to wear and can be taken in and out often. In 2016, NOIZEZZ and Laboratory Formaat joined forces. Their ambition was to grow further together as a premium laboratory with Dutch craftsmanship. Both laboratories have brought years of expertise and experience to the table with their teams: NOIZEZZ in the field of hearing protection equipment, FORMAAT in the field of earpieces.

Directors Petra Spigt and Haske Eshuis: “By joining expertise, experience and craftsmanship of our ear technicians in both disciplines, we offer the market an exceptionally high level of service. Both locally and abroad.”

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