Tune to life.

What do we stand for?

Protecting people from hearing damage and letting them enjoy sound to the fullest; that is what NOIZEZZ stands for. We do this by offering ear moulds, hearing protection and so-called “specials”.

NOIZEZZ focuses on raising awareness of good hearing protection and good hearing care when hearing needs extra care. This is increasingly important in our contemporary world where sound is always around us. Because we quickly get used to all that sound, even when the noise level is very high. If you are often exposed to high volumes without protection, one day you will most likely need hearing assistance. At noise levels above 80 dB, permanent hearing damage can already occur. When you consider that at a concert the average sound level is between 90 and 110 dB, you understand that wearing high-quality hearing protection is necessary. NOIZEZZ believes that proper hearing care always takes the form of an earpiece tailored to the customer’s needs and wishes.

Our NOIZEZZ laboratory

The first custom products from our laboratory were manufactured in 1987. The laboratory in Haarlem, then called FORMAAT, specialized in custom hearing care solutions and is still a household name among hearing care professionals.

Since 2016, the laboratories of FORMAAT and NOIZEZZ have been integrated resulting in a professional and excellently organized and equipped laboratory with Dutch craftsmanship. Both laboratories bring with their teams years of expertise and experience. NOIZEZZ in the field of hearing protection, FORMAAT in the field of earmolds. Gradually, new products in the “specials” category are also emerging from the combined laboratory.

Custom-made hearing protection

In 2009, NOIZEZZ introduced its own universal and customized hearing protection. Preservation of speech intelligibility and high-quality hearing protection were the main focus. NOIZEZZ developed its own sound filters that are used in the hearing protection. Both universal and custom hearing protection are safe and comfortable to wear. NOIZEZZ produces the custom products in its own laboratory in Hoofddorp.

Ear pieces, hearing protection and specials

Today, NOIZEZZ offers products in three categories: earmolds, hearing protection and “specials.”

Earmolds are customized solutions for hearing care professionals who can use them to provide perfectly fitting hearing care to their customers. We create an earpiece on the hearing care professional’s prescription that gets the best performance out of the hearing aids.

Hearing protection is a universal or custom-made earplug fitted with one of the unique NOIZEZZ filters. There are two types of filters: MF Filters and PF Filters. Each in four different attenuation levels that offer a suitable solution for every situation.

Specials are all products that do not fall under earpieces or hearing protection. These include swim caps that keep water out of your ears and sleep plugs that dampen ambient noise so you can sleep peacefully. Our Active Com are custom-made earphones for sports. Sleeves is customization for existing earphones so they are more comfortable and won’t detach from your ears.