NOIZEZZ Custom hearing protectors last an average of 4 years. After 1 year, it is recommended to have the NOIZEZZ leak tested. The ear canal changes over time. This change can cause the hearing protectors to no longer provide optimal protection.

Premium and Plug&Play

The NOIZEZZ Premium and Plug&Play hearing protectors last about 6 months with regular wear. This depends in part on the amount of earwax in your ear. Earwax corrodes the material. It is therefore very important to clean the earplugs after each use. If you want earplugs that do not wear out, we recommend the custom-made earplugs.

To ensure optimal performance of the NOIZEZZ, regular cleaning of the NOIZEZZ hearing protectors is recommended.


Remove any earwax in the NOIZEZZ opening with the earwax pen. Clean the NOIZEZZ with the Noizezz CleaningSet or Cleaning spray.

For optimal function and longevity, it is important that the product be properly maintained. Products worn in the ear are exposed to skin acids and cerumen. When this accumulates, it can negatively affect product properties.

The frequency of cleaning depends greatly on usage, the amount of cerumen and the environment to which the NOIZEZZ product is exposed. This can range from almost daily to monthly. Always visually inspect your product for dirt and/or defects before using it.

No, you don’t have to. When you clean the product according to the instructions and with the products from the CLEANING Set, the properties of the filters are not affected.

Yes, the CLEANING products suitable for all our universal and custom products. Please note that any electronics are always removed. RIC Earmolds, CUSTOM Active Com and CUSTOM Sleeves products from our laboratory can have the electronics disconnected from them.

We strongly recommend using the cleaning agents supplied by NOIZEZZ. (Aggressive) Chemicals and alcohol can have unforeseen effects on the material and filters. Cleaning products supplied from NOIZZ are suitable for all our earmolds, hearing protectors and specials.

Yes, we recommend that you replace the filters. When these get into the wash, they can get (too) hot, and a lot of water/dirt/detergent flows through the filter. These may have become damaged as a result.

Yes indeed, filters can also be bought separately.

Yes, this depends on what you want to use the hearing protection for. For some activities it is better if you use a different type of filter for this. Filters can be bought separately and are easy to change yourself.

But beware, there are two sizes of filters; thin filters and wider (music) filters.
The thin filters come in 4 different attenuations, all with a different color and are interchangeable.
The wider (music) filters also come in 4 different attenuations, each with their own color and are also interchangeable with each other. We also have a special shooting filter, this has the same size as the wider (music) filter and is thus interchangeable with the music filter.

Mnemonic: Red = Right
On 1 of your custom-made earplugs there is red text, this earplug is for your right ear.
Your other earplug has black text on it, which is for your left ear.

With the universal earplugs, there is no difference between left and right.

Common filters have nuanced attenuation. This means they attenuate more or less at certain frequencies.
The music filters have flat attenuation. This means that they attenuate almost the same at every frequency. It is as if you turn down the music slightly with a volume knob. This makes musical nuances perfectly audible.

When purchasing products in the webshop, you have the option to terminate the agreement without providing any reasons within 14 days. This period starts from the day after you receive the product, either by yourself or on your behalf. During this period, it is possible that you decide not to proceed with your purchase. If you exercise your right of withdrawal, you will return the product, including all delivered accessories, in its original (unopened) packaging to NOIZEZZ, in accordance with the instructions provided by NOIZEZZ.

How can I return my universal earplugs?

When returning a product, it is essential to always provide your order number, which can be found on the packing slip. You can then send the product to:

Return address: 
Sounds Perfect B.V.
Afd. Retouren
Wijkermeerstraat 16
2131HA, Hoofdddorp

Costs in case of withdrawal

If you make use of the right of withdrawal, you are responsible for bearing the costs of the return shipment. If you return the entire order, you will receive a full refund of the purchase amount, including the shipping costs of the order. The refund will be processed within 14 days after receiving the return shipment.