Flight Earplugs

Hearing protection for when flying

The vacation season is just around the corner! While getting to your destination can be exhausting—especially with the noise from the aircraft engines and fellow passengers—we’ve got you covered. Our specially designed earplugs for flying help reduce noise, ensuring a more comfortable and relaxing journey. Wear them on your next flight and arrive feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy your vacation!

Universal Flight Earplugs

Custom flight earplugs for anyone flying privately or on business

NOIZEZZ’s custom flight earplugs enable you to sleep and work undisturbed during flights. These earplugs not only dampen disruptive noise but also help protect against pressure changes, ensuring you arrive at your destination well-rested. They’re perfect for cabin attendants who need to stay energetic throughout their shift and business travelers who can’t afford to lose precious work time during their flights. Whether you’re heading on vacation or traveling for work, our earplugs make your journey more comfortable and productive.

The recommended retail price of these flight earplugs starts at €124,-

Why you should use earplugs on flights:

Using earplugs while flying is essential to enhance your travel experience. Aircraft cabins are often filled with disruptive noise from engines, conversations, and air conditioning. This noise can make it difficult to relax or sleep, especially on long flights or when crossing time zones to avoid jet lag.

Our flight earplugs are engineered with a high-performance filter that not only reduces ambient noise but also helps manage the pressure changes during takeoff and landing. These changes can cause ear pain or discomfort, known as ear barotrauma, which our earplugs help alleviate.

Additionally, for those who need to work or read, earplugs can provide the necessary focus by isolating distracting sounds and offering privacy within the close quarters of an airplane. This makes them especially useful for cabin crew, business travelers, and frequent flyers, helping them stay comfortable and energetic throughout their journey. Our earplugs are designed to mitigate the common discomforts of flying, making them a crucial accessory for a more enjoyable flight experience.

What are the options?


Our earplugs can be made of soft silicone or hard acrylic. All of our materials are easy to clean and lie so well in the ear that you hardly feel them.


Prefer discreet protection or like to show off your hearing? Choose from a wide range of colors. Download our color chart here.


A small grip can be attached to the earplugs. This is useful for inserting or removing the earplugs, and you can also attach a neck cord to it.

Neck lanyard

By attaching a neck cord, you tie the earplugs together. This way, you are less likely to lose them and can conveniently leave them hanging around your neck. They come with a clip to attach them to your shirt

The process of measuring ears for custom earplugs

We often get asked how we ‘measure’ an ear. Let me explain the process we use.

Firstly, we employ an otoscope to examine the inside of your ear. This allows us to clearly view the ear canal and the eardrum, ensuring there are no abnormalities, such as hard or excessive earwax (cerumen). It’s crucial that the ear canal is clean, as any obstruction would prevent us from taking an accurate impression.

Next, using a light pen, we gently insert a cotton ball into the ear canal. This placement protects your eardrum during the impression process.

We then fill the ear canal with a special impression material. This material sets within a few minutes and is subsequently removed, creating an exact ‘copy’ of your ear canal. We use this impression to custom-make your personal earplugs in our laboratory in Hoofddorp.

What customers say about NOIZEZZ®

Normally I get headaches because I find it difficult to clear. Since I use earplugs with a filter, I no longer suffer from this. I put my earplugs in before boarding, and I don’t take them out again until I get off the plane. It makes traveling a lot more pleasant for me.