Vacation; what do I take with me?

I’m going on vacation and I’m taking … passport, sunscreen, toothbrush, swimsuit, bathing slippers, good book. Check, check check. But what are the really important things that you just might forget? (earplugs!) We list them for you!

Flying earplugs

Flying is in most cases a fine method to travel (far) away. Only who does not know it? That annoying feeling when on the plane (and afterwards) your ears are plugged or ringing. Moreover, the sound of aircraft engines can sometimes be very tiring. With NOIZEZZ Fly earplugs, you can travel relaxed and comfortable. So you can go on vacation relaxed and arrive rested.

Swim earplugs

Summer vacation almost always guarantees a dip in the pool or in the sea. If you have tubes or a sensitive eardrum, you prefer not to have water in your ear. But of course you do want to be able to enjoy a welcome refreshment in the water. NOIZEZZ Aqua seals the ear canal tightly, so no moisture gets into the ear and that gives a peaceful feeling. Also protects surfers from the “surfer’s ear.

Sleep earplugs

This is highly recommended, especially if you are a camping enthusiast. Your neighbor, who sleeps one tent away, can be quite a snorer. Or you’ll just see it: your hotel room is adjacent to a busy highway. It’s great to be able to hear, but sometimes you don’t want to hear everything… Fortunately, NOIZEZZ Sleep offers a solution for snoring sounds or other noises that make a good night’s sleep difficult. With the earplugs you can maintain a good night’s sleep and go into the day feeling energetic and fit.

Music earplugs

Are you going to Ibiza this summer? Or is there a children’s disco at the campsite? Then don’t forget your festival earplugs, both yours and your children’s! A real must if you don’t want to wake up the next morning with a (permanent) beep.

Aren’t you forgetting your earplugs? Let the holiday begin!