Prevent hearing damage from fireworks, use hearing protectors.

The act of setting off fireworks carries risks, not only for those directly involved but also for spectators.


Not only can eyes, hands, and skin be harmed, but fireworks can also cause hearing damage. During New Year’s celebrations, people are increasingly wearing protective goggles, but little attention is given to the ears. Yet a loud explosion can cause permanent damage.


The National Hearing Foundation provides tips to protect your hearing:


First and foremost, they recommend keeping a safe distance to prevent hearing damage from fireworks. They also advise wearing hearing protectors.


Our recommendation for New Year’s Eve: NOIZEZZ Premium Extreme or NOIZEZZ Plug&Play Extreme.


If you continue to experience hearing issues after fireworks, do not ignore it and consult your doctor or audiologist.


We wish you a wonderful, safe New Year’s Eve and an excellent year ahead!