KNMV and NOIZEZZ join forces in the fight against hearing damage.

Papendal, March 18, 2022 – The Royal Dutch Motorcyclists Association (KNMV) and NOIZEZZ, manufacturer of earmolds, hearing protection, and specials based in Hoofddorp, are joining hands to raise awareness among motorcyclists about the importance and benefits of hearing protection while riding motorcycles.


As an advocate for high-quality hearing protection, NOIZEZZ, and as the representative of motorcyclists in the Netherlands, KNMV share a common goal: breaking the taboo! The facts speak for themselves: just a few minutes on the highway can generate enough noise inside your helmet that puts your ears at risk of damage. Unfortunately, cases of motorcyclists suffering permanent hearing damage are widespread.


Safety and Riding Pleasure


Good hearing protection enhances the safety of the motorcyclist and simultaneously increases riding pleasure. By reducing harmful noise, it provides more tranquility and focus, enabling better concentration on navigating those beautiful turns. At the same time, with high-quality earplugs, essential ambient sounds are preserved, and the sound quality of conversations and music is maintained.


“In fact, earplugs, just like a helmet, should be part of every motorcyclist’s standard equipment,” says KNMV director Patrice Assendelft. “As KNMV, we are committed to making motorcyclists at least aware of the consequences of riding without hearing protection. Once you are aware of the risks, there is no good reason not to wear them, especially considering the quality and comfort of the hearing protection available today. That’s why we are delighted to collaborate with NOIZEZZ, an absolute leader in the market. Hearing protection actually enhances the motorcycling experience, which is wonderful, isn’t it?”


Mark van Dijk (CEO of NOIZEZZ): “Motorcycling is incredibly exciting! But it can also have harmful consequences for your hearing. One of our biggest challenges lies in raising awareness about the importance of good hearing protection. NOIZEZZ has found a great partner in KNMV to tackle this challenge. Optimal enjoyment and safety go hand in hand. We develop and manufacture products specifically for motorsports that not only protect motorcyclists in the Netherlands but also contribute to their comfort and pleasure while pursuing their sport or hobby.”


Day of the Motorcyclist


The collaboration between KNMV and NOIZEZZ will commence on March 20, on the Day of the Motorcyclist. From that date onward, the partnership between NOIZEZZ and KNMV will be visible and audible throughout the entire motorcycling season in the Netherlands!