Dutchweek and NOIZEZZ have partnered to inform and provide festival attendees with hearing protection.

Dutchweek takes hearing care seriously, and NOIZEZZ is eager to meet these ambitions.

As organizers of music events, Dutchweek understands the importance of raising awareness about the significance of hearing protection. NOIZEZZ will supply our new EarBeanz for all Dutchweek events, making hearing protection accessible while maintaining optimal speech intelligibility and maximizing the music experience. Additionally, NOIZEZZ will be present at events to offer custom hearing protectors to visitors.


Winter Sports and More


Dutchweek organizes multiple events each year, including an impressive 7 winter events in 2023. From engaging outdoor activities to unforgettable parties on the mountains and in the clubs, Dutchweek offers a wide range of experiences. To attend the events, a Dutchweek Eventbracelet is required. This bracelet grants access to participating venues and ensures a comprehensive and exciting program. Think of it as a festival ticket that includes multiple stages and activities. In addition to Dutchweek Winter, the inaugural edition of the FriXXL label will be organized this year, and there will also be events under Dutchweek Outdoor and the D-Wonderland label in 2023.