NOIZEZZ and Circuit Zandvoort Forge Partnership

Hoofddorp, December 22, 2022 – NOIZEZZ, the manufacturer of hearing protectors, earmolds, and specialized products from Hoofddorp, and Circuit Zandvoort are entered a partnership to promote customized solutions for drivers on the circuit. By providing tailored sound filtering, we are collectively working to ensure a superior circuit experience, with a focus on protecting the driver inside the cockpit by filtering out noise.


The home of Dutch Grand Prix and host to numerous racing events and track days, Circuit Zandvoort has been an iconic presence in Dutch motorsport history for nearly 75 years. Each year, it offers an extensive and diverse calendar filled with spectacular top-tier events and international highlights, including the GT World Challenge, the DTM Endurance weekend, and, of course, the Historic Grand Prix. The challenging circuit is highly acclaimed by many drivers due to its unique location, demanding corners, and exceptional facilities.


As partners, NOIZEZZ and Circuit Zandvoort are committed to enhancing the auditory experience and providing optimal protection for drivers by implementing sound filtering solutions within the cockpit. This collaboration begins with a three-year agreement, during which we will continuously explore ways to serve drivers to the best of our abilities.


Customization is at the heart of this agreement, with optimal wearing comfort and speech intelligibility being key focal points that NOIZEZZ prioritizes and is internationally renowned for, partly due to advancements made in its own laboratory.


Protected and enjoying to the fullest on the circuit

David Kasten, Head of Commerce at Circuit Zandvoort, states: “Together with our track tenants, we strive for the ultimate user experience while driving. Sound is a crucial component of the overall experience and connection with the vehicle. In partnership with NOIZEZZ, we will provide new opportunities to enhance hearing protection without sacrificing the driver’s connection with the car.”


Mark van Dijk, CEO of NOIZEZZ, affirms: “There is a growing awareness among most professionals in motorsport and on the race circuit. They are increasingly recognizing the importance of hearing protection. NOIZEZZ is here to assist with providing excellent protection. This can be achieved with our new EarBeanz and premium solutions, but even better with tailor-made hearing protectors. In collaboration with Circuit Zandvoort, we will contribute to various campaigns on how to maximize hearing protection while maintaining the complete racing experience intact.”


On December 19th, the partnership was officially announced at Circuit Zandvoort. NOIZEZZ ambassadors Allard Kalff and Jaap van Zweden were present to emphasize their perspective on the importance of hearing protection in the automotive and motorsport industries.


As a musician and chcief conductor, Jaap van Zweden recognizes the necessity of hearing protection. In his line of work, he already extensively uses custom-made hearing protection, with an emphasis on sound filtering at specific harmful frequencies without compromising quality. Van Zweden recently experienced the effects of similar protection in the car by taking a fast lap around the track accompanied by an instructor. He exclaimed: “What an experience to be able to drive a car at these speeds in this manner. Racing on a circuit is completely different from driving on the road, so following the instructor’s directions is crucial. With NOIZEZZ’s sound-filtering earplugs, the extraneous noises in the car were effectively filtered, allowing me to hear the instructor clearly. More importantly, I felt confident and was able to accelerate with full trust.” Furthermore, Van Zweden emphasizes the importance of preserving one’s hearing and taking good care of it.


“Throughout my entire life, I have been using hearing protection. A few years ago, I discovered NOIZEZZ’s custom-made hearing protection. Not only does it provide better noise reduction, but it is also much more comfortable to wear. It allows me to hear and understand the ccar better by filtering out extraneous sounds. Now, after events like the 24 Hours of Le Mans, I not only have had proper protection but also no longer experience any discomfort in my ears. It’s like a double victory,” says Allard Kalff, who has been frequenting various circuits both in and outside the car for years. He further emphasizes the significant benefits of personalized hearing protection.


NOIZEZZ is no stranger to the motorsport industry. In early 2021, NOIZEZZ entered a partnership with the Royal Dutch Motorcycle Association (KNMV) to raise awareness among motorcyclists about the importance and benefits of hearing protection while riding. Furthermore, a partnership was established in the fall of this year with the Molenaar NSF100 Championship to provide guidance and customized hearing protection to the NSF100 team of young motorcycling talents.




NOIZEZZ (Hoofddorp, 22 employees, established in 2009) is an internationally renowned developer and manufacturer of earmolds, hearing protection, and specialized products, based in the Netherlands. The company supplies over 60,000 sets of hearing protection annually to more than 600 retail locations both domestically and internationally. NOIZEZZ has a crucial mission: to protect individuals from irreversible hearing damage while ensuring optimal enjoyment of sound. Preserving speech intelligibility and providing exceptional wearing comfort are key unique selling points (USPs) of NOIZEZZ.


NOIZEZZ offers a significant portion of its product range in both universal and custom-made solutions. Among NOIZEZZ’s users are members of various orchestras and governmental institutions. The company possesses its own laboratory where skilled craftmanship is employed to produce tailer-made solutions.