NOIZEZZ and Jaap van Zweden collaborate in an awareness campaign highlighting the importance of hearing protection.

Hoofddorp, March 2, 2022 – NOIZEZZ, the manufacturer of earmolds, hearing protection, and specialized products based in Hoofddorp, launches a new awareness campaign today centered around hearing protection. The campaign is supported by Jaap van Zweden. As a musician, conductor, and artistic director, Van Zweden understands the importance of sound quality and hearing protection. The protective products from NOIZEZZ have been used for quite some time by various orchestras and artists both domestically and internationally.


As a leading developer and producer of earmolds, hearing protection, and specialized products, NOIZEZZ has been committed for years to raising awareness about the importance of good hearing protection. Through targeted awareness campaigns and a wide product portfolio, the manufacturer primarily reaches out to young people and professionals in the music and events industry.


Awareness campaign emphasizes the importance of good hearing.


As a musician and conductor, Jaap van Zweden recognizes the necessity of hearing protection. Van Zweden states, “The importance of good hearing protection is not widely recognized everywhere. Especially among young people, hearing loss is still too often seen as a problem affecting only the elderly. However, every professional in the music industry knows that hearing damage from loud sounds can occur more quickly than you might think. Together with NOIZEZZ, we want to break the taboo surrounding protection. Nowadays, there are so many wonderful products available that protect your hearing while preserving sound quality. NOIZEZZ offers perfectly fitting solutions combined with unique filtering technology. With the right filters, you have the best protection and can fully enjoy making music without any loss of quality and excellent speech intelligibility.”


Since its establishment in 2009, NOIZEZZ has continuously optimized its range of hearing protectors and earmolds. Together with audiologists and various other stakeholders in the market, they actively work towards preventing hearing damage and lowering the barriers for the younger generation. Optimal sound experience has always remained the guiding principle.


Aaltje and Jaap van Zweden are the initiators of the Papageno Foundation. NOIZEZZ wholeheartedly supports Van Zweden’s dedication to children and young people with autism. The combination of music, social commitment, and awareness of the importance of good hearing care makes the partnership between Jaap van Zweden and NOIZEZZ a significant step towards achieving our shared goal.


Preserving the full music experience.

Mark van Dijk, CEO of NOIZEZZ, says, “Our mission is to protect people from hearing damage and enable them to fully enjoy sound. With Jaap van Zweden as an ambassador, we want to reach out to the important group of music lovers and professionals. Nowadays, with specially designed hearing protectors, optimal hearing protection can be achieved while preserving the full music experience. And this experience and protection can certainly be extended to all other professions and hobbies where sound, whether loud or prolonged, is a factor. And if anyone can convey how important your hearing is, it’s Van Zweden. When music is your passion, your hearing is your most important instrument,” emphasizes Mark.

NOIZEZZ collaborates with the music industry to prevent hearing damage among music enthusiasts.

Music is experienced through your ears, so it’s logical that you value them, right? It seems logical indeed, yet in the day-to-day practice of music retailer keymusic, with over thirty stores in the Benelux, they often encounter music lovers who have crossed the limits. Fortunateley, in many cases, it results in temporary noise or ringing in the ear. However, it serves as a strong warning and a precursor to more serious hearing damage such as tinnitus and permanent hearing loss.


As suppliers of musical instruments and DJ gear, Keymusic and DJGear Shop take their responsibility seriously. When it comes to hearing protection, both companies, in collaboration with NOIZEZZ, provide customized advice from all Keymusic and DJGear shop locations. Under the motto “A Professional Solution for Every Ear,” arrangements are also made for custom-fitted hearing protection in the stores.




At Q-Factory Amsterdam, they are also aware of the importance of good hearing and its protection. Q-Factory is Europe’s largest music makers’ center, providing musicians, actors, and dancers with rehearsal spaces in one of the 55 rehearsal studios, as well as offering performance opportunities and professional recording studios. Visitors enjoy live music in the concert halls, have a delightful lunch or dinner at Q Café-Restaurant, and stay at the most musical hotel in Amsterdam. Q-Factory welcomes both well-known and lesser-known (international) artists, producers, musicians, and music students, for whom hearing plays a crucial role in their success. NOIZEZZ hearing protection can also be found at Q-Factory. At the studio rental desk and before concerts, Q-Factory offers the option to purchase NOIZEZZ hearing protection, enabling people to enjoy live music without harmful effects on their hearing.



The exclusive distribution of NOIZEZZ hearing protection within the Benelux music industry is handled by Eindhoven-based KMI Distribution. Here, too, they observe an increasing demand for reliable hearing protection. “The days of ‘the louder, the better’ seem to be gone for good,” says Rob Peerlings of KMI. Together with the dealer network and NOIZEZZ, they work hard to prevent hearing damage among young and old music lovers. The advice within the music industry is clear: cherish your ears, as you only have two!