It is prominent in the current news: hearing loss among children. Good that you are here. NOIZEZZ offers various options for hearing protection equipment for children and children’s earplugs.

Protecting children’s ears against noise

The hearing of children still develops after birth. In the uterus, a baby can already hear the mother’s voice and low hard noises. Not much more than that because the hearing organ is still developing. The development goes step by step. Being able to distinguish different sounds only takes place after six months. During the rest of the first year the hearing organ develops, but it is not fully developed at all. Over a few years, a child really learns to understand speech correctly. Where adults by experience can distinguish words in noisy environments, children still have to learn that. Therefore, in a noisy environment, a child will not be able to hear properly if the speech does not reach above the noise level. Good hearing is therefore important for the development of language skills.

Babies and small children are more sensitive than adults to a noise overdose. Therefore, extra care and protection are required. Not only the ear canal must be protected but even the mastoid bone (thick part of the bone behind the outer ear) to prevent the noise overdose from causing too much damage through the skull. In this case, children’s ear muffs are a real must have.

Customized earplugs for children

Children’s hearing protection equipment

For children from 6 years of age we can make customized hearing protection equipment. If your child is sensitive to sound for example at school, customized hearing protection can be very pleasant. Hence, our specialists make a print of the ears of your child. Upon delivery, the fit is checked very carefully.

From the Premium NOIZEZZ line, we recommend you the smallest size (size s and m) from our reusable premium line. In addition to hearing protection, this line also offers swimming– and sleep earplugs for your child in small sizes.

Children from 8 years can use reusable NOIZEZZ Plug&Play to protect their ears.

You can also choose ear muffs for your child.

Young people and students

You can contact us for hearing protection equipment if you go to festivals, parties and concerts. No gummy candy … but hearing protection equipment with a filter. It disappears nicely in your ear and you can still talk with your friends with our hearing protection equipment.

But did you know that hearing protection equipment can also be very helpful at school, when studying? It dampens ambient noise and impulses, it lowers your stress level and, as a result, you can concentrate better.

Let us inform you, we are here for you.