Motorcycling caused a risk for you hearing

Motorcycling: the noise will give you a headache, but you want to hear the traffic. The wind noise deafens you, but that ambulance at high speed has its siren for a reason. The continued buzzing is distracting, but you don’t want to miss out that roar above 7000 revs. In short: motorcycling poses a risk for your hearing. There are things you really must hear, but there are also noises that you would rather be deaf to. Simple earplugs offer a solution, but they are not comfortable and do not always filter out the right sound. At Noizezz you order customized hearing protection equipment with specially developed filters that ensure that you hear what you want to hear and the rest is just a pain in the neck – or in the ear for that matter.

Tailor made

Customized earplugs have two major benefits. They fit like a glove and offer great comfort. They perfectly close off the ear canal, so no more sound comes in unfiltered. The silicone earplugs of NOIZEZZ are fitted with different filters that filter noise to a greater or lesser degree. There are special filters for musicians, construction industry worker, but also for motorcyclists. Each with their own color code. The orange (up to 30 dB) motorbike filters stop wind noise, but ensure that noises of the traffic and of the engine is (partly) unfiltered.

First a print is made of the inside of the auricle, no two ears in the world are the same. A seal is inserted in the ear canal, that prevents damaging the eardrums. Strings on the sealing ensure that the sealing and the prints are easy to remove. With a large syringe, silicone is injected into the ear. After the silicone has hardened and the print is cut clean, the print is removed from the ear and a gypsum print is made. This print is then filled with the final silicone for the earplugs. The earplugs are hardened in the oven.

The hardened silicone earplugs are polished clean by hand and finished with a clear coating to protect the silicone and smoothen the earplugs. A hole is drilled in each earbud with a drill in which eventually the desired filter is placed. The filters remain replaceable, so they can be exchanged at any time.

Nice detail: you can choose from dozens of colors. Transparent if you don’t want them to stand out, a color matching the helmet or the motorbike, or even a glow in the dark version, so you can find the earplugs in the dark.


Of course, the earplugs must be tested! This is the duty of Arjan Kropman, Cluster Manager at Auto Review, Classic Cars, Android Magazine, iCreate and FIT. “The earplugs fit like a glove. People familiar with the standard earplugs of the known brands know that they hurt quite a lot after an hour under the helmet. Customized earplugs can be worn for hours, without suffering. Due to the tight fit, removing them takes a moment to get used to, but by slightly massaging the ear, you push the hearing protector out of the ear. It is remarkable that especially the annoying – and dangerous – wind noise is wonderfully filtered, while the noises of the traffic can still be heard. Due to the absence of wind noise even the engine sound can be heard better than ever before, while also this is significantly dampened.”