Earplugs against snoring

Does your partner snore and as a result you sleep bad? You often don’t fall asleep well with snoring noises. Or you wake up in the middle of the night and it is hard to fall asleep again. Fortunately, our sleep earplugs offer provide a solution for snoring noises or any other noises that make a good night’s sleep hard. With the earplugs, you keep a good night’s sleep and you can start the next day full of energy and fit.

Snoring against earplugs

Did you know that the sound of a snoring partner can be as loud as a drill at five meters distance from your bed? Isn’t this bizarre? Sometimes it helps if your partner turns on his or her side; this reduces the chance of snoring. If this doesn’t help, earplugs against snoring provide a solution. Hereby it is important that the earplugs meet certain requirements, such as fit comfortably with no pressure on the ear and the right sound damping.

NOIZEZZ earplugs against snoring and noise

NOIZEZZ offers you two types of sleep earplugs for a good night’s sleep. You can choose between Premium sleep earplugs or customized sleep earplugs. The earplugs dampen the snoring noises but do not close off the hearing entirely. As a result, you can still hear something of the environment, such as your children or the alarm clock.

Sleep earplugsoordopjes tegen snurken

NOIZEZZ makes special reusable hearing protection equipment without filter that allows you to sleep undisturbed. The NOIZEZZ sleep earplugs follow the curvature of your ear canal. That’s why they are very comfortable. You will receive four sizes of sleep earplugs in the packaging (s – xl), so you can choose the right size. Your ears will continue to grow your whole life. So keep the sizes that you don’t use. It is quite possible that over time you may need another size. Moreover, the ear canals are not always the same size. This way you always have the right size for both ears.

Customized sleep earplugs

If you sleep with earplugs against snoring every day, wearing comfort and a long life of the earplugs are very important. The customized sleep earplugs are very suitable for frequent and prolonged use. They are tailored to your ears. Based on a print of your ears, we manufacture the sleep earplugs manually in our own lab (Lab Formaat – The Netherlands). They are made of silicone material and are known for their high wearing comfort. Unlike other sleep earplugs, the sleep earplugs are casted hollow, as a result of which they are comfortable while sleeping. The soft silicone material moves along with the ear canal when sleeping on a pillow. As a result, there is no pressure on the ear. They really fit like a glove!