Sleep earplugs for a good night’s rest

Do you have a snoring partner? Are your neighbors throwing a party? Or do you have a bedroom near a busy road? It is great to be able to hear, but sometimes you wish you didn’t hear everything. For instance, when you are trying to sleep. What can you do if you cannot sleep due to ambient noise?

Not being able to sleep

If you are a light sleeper or ambient noise constantly keeps you awake, it can be very annoying! Especially if you wake up constantly as a result of this. without a good sleep, you can suffer from a lack of energy, which is obviously not good for your productivity during the day. A solution for this insomnia is using earplugs. In particular special sleep earplugs offer a solution. There are different types of earplugs for sleeping. The function and comfort of these different types of earplugs can vary greatly. Which earplugs are the most suitable for you, mainly depends on your personal preference but also on the frequency of wearing.

Are sleep earplugs harmful?

Sleep earplugs are not harmful and the daily wearing is no problem. However, it is important to keep your ears and earplugs properly clean with lukewarm water. The earplugs can be cleaned additionally with a disinfecting cleaning spray. If you suffer a lot from ear infections or accumulation of ear wax, it is not advisable to use the earplugs every day.

NOIZEZZ sleep earplugs

NOIZEZZ makes special hearing protection equipment for an optimal night of sleep. The sleep earplugs for sleeping avert unnecessary noise and let you enjoy your rest optimally. The earplugs do not entirely close off the sound, as a result of which you can still hear something of your environment, such as alarm signals and your alarm clock. NOIZEZZ offers two types of sleep earplugs for a good night’s sleep. You can choose between NOIZEZZ Premium sleep earplugs or NOIZEZZ customized sleep earplugs.

earplugs for sleepingNOIZEZZ Premium Sleep

NOIZEZZ makes special reusable hearing protection equipment without a filter that allows you to sleep undisturbed. The NOIZEZZ Premium sleep earplugs follow the curvature of your ear canal. This ensures that they are very comfortable. You will receive four sizes sleep of earplugs in the packaging (s – xl), so you can choose the right size. Your ears will continue to grow your whole life, so keep the sizes that you don’t use: it is quite possible that over time you may need another size. Also, the ear canals are not always the same size. This way you always have the right size for both ears.

Custom_sleepCustomized sleep earplugs

If you suffer from ambient noise every day and you therefore sleep with earplugs every day, wearing comfort and a long life of the earplugs are very important. The customized sleep earplugs are very suitable for frequent and prolonged use. They are tailored to your ears. Based on a print of your ears, we manufacture the sleep earplugs manually in our own lab (Lab Formaat). They are made of silicone material and are known for their high wearing comfort. Unlike other sleep earplugs, the sleep earplugs are casted hollow, as a result of which they are comfortable while sleeping. The soft silicone material moves along with the ear canal when sleeping on a pillow. As a result, there is no pressure on the ear. They really fit like a glove!